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Ka Dounia Dia

Welcome to the Ka Dounia Dia Foundation

Objective/policy plan: Providing medical help and financial support for children in West Africa with physical and/or mental disabilities. Carrying out everything related to this or that could be conducive to this in the broadest sense.


Pictures courtesy Mikael Samuels


Ka Dounia Dia:

vive la vie // celebrate life // leve het leven

ln 2012 KDD financed in collaboration with the Lilianefonds Den Bosch / Netherlands the construction of a day center for mentally disabled children in Bamenda / Cameroon. The building ,completed since 2013, receives daily between 120 and 140 children for manual therapy and social activities.

Starting in 2014 KDD provides twice yearly medical missions to the Don Orione hospital in Bonoua /lvory Coast. At the origin the collaboration started with the medical staff of the Saint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen/ Netherlands and in the meantime orthopedic surgeons anesthetists and operation assistants from other Dutch and Belgium hospitals joined the pool.
Today the team consists of around 25 volunteers who use their proper holidays in order to operate for a two week period in Africa free of charge KDD pays for their tickets vaccinations visa ,medical equipment if needed and organizes their local stay.
Since 2014 8 missions have been accomplished and over 200 children operated.
ln October 2017 a first mission was organized to Ouagadougou / Burkina Faso as well in cooperation with Don Orione.
For the moment operations are being realized in a local hospital ( PaulVl ) but the installation a small operation room in the Don Orione center is under project. (equipment will be mainly second hand material coming from closing hospitals in the Netherlands) KDD willtry to help funding this initiative.

It is difficult to change our world but we can and will change one child's destiny.