Ka Dounia Dia
Ka Dounia Dia

Welcome to the Ka Dounia Dia Foundation

Objective/policy plan: Providing medical help and financial support for children in West Africa with physical and/or mental disabilities. Carrying out everything related to this or that could be conducive to this in the broadest sense.



Despite extensive preparations from the Netherlands for medical interventions in Mali, the war situation there has forced the Foundation to put its plans on hold for the time being.
The Foundation has helped in its own small way to reunite a deaf-mute Guinean boy with his mother in the Netherlands.
Together with the Lilianefonds, the Foundation has made a significant financial contribution to the construction of a day centre for mentally disabled children in Bamenda (Cameroon). This 1,400-m² centre, where 125 children are looked after daily, is almost complete.
From the start of 2014, the Ka Dounia Dia Foundation will, in collaboration with Don Orione in Ivory Coast, finance sending a medical team from the St. Maartenskliniek Nijmegen to Bounoua (Ivory Coast) once or twice a year.